Shanghai Film Production Services

Beijing Film Production Services, All of our office is conveniently based in central Shanghai with availability to all the major areas of metropolis. We have a vast network connected with location and studio selections, actors, models, crew, in addition to creatives. In addition to being a full-service production company, we are and a well-equipped rental house along with a wide array of cameras, light, and grip equipment to help serve any type of shoot. If you already have concept or you need to collaborate on the creative course for your project, our seasoned team can help prepare your notion for a successful production.Chengdu Film Production Services

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Guangzhou Film Production Services

Pre-production Services Include:

Concept Development
Location Scouting

Costume outfit Design
Set Design
Talent Releases

Shenzhen Film Production Services


Our team of dedicated copy writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers know how to approach each venture of every scale and variety, from single-camera studio interview, to multi-camera commercial tries for a takedown. We pride ourselves understand and exceeding our client’s expectations, no matter the time or maybe budget. We provide concept growth, storyboards, casting, locations, photographic camera and lighting crews, tools, and comprehensive production operations. Whether you need to launch the latest product, promote your photo, communicate your vision, or perhaps share your story, we live here to help you succeed.Hongkong Film Production Services


Our team of dedicated internet writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers know how to approach each undertaking of every scale and category, from single-camera studio job interviews, to multi-camera commercial limbs. We pride ourselves to understand and exceeding our client’s expectations, no matter the time as well as budget. We provide concept progress, storyboards, casting, locations, video camera and lighting crews, devices, and comprehensive production managing. Whether you need to launch a whole new product, promote your impression, communicate your vision, or maybe share your story, i’m here to help you succeed.Hong Kong Film Production Services

Development Services Include:

Production Supervision
Background Talent
Location Services

Catering/Craft Services

EPK Production
DIT Expert services


We are proud to cooperate with some of the best post-production professionals in the marketplace. Our creative directors, as well as, artists and animators all of eat, sleep, and take in post- production. We are obsessed with every project. We offer the complete complement of post-production expert services including editing, visual effects, appear design, and color rectification. We utilize all the hottest software tools: Adobe Premiere, Closing Cut Pro, Maya, Nuke, After Effects, Cinema 4D. I’m committed to providing the highest-possible quality while providing a clean approach and a unique imaginative and prescient vision.China Film Production Services

Post-production Services Include:

Editing and enhancing
Color Correction
Digital camera Effects

Titles/Motion Artwork
Music Composition
Sound Style and design

Client Review
DISC Authoring

Shanghai Film Production Services

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